Preliminary assessment of Vietnam international merchandise trade performance in the first half of November, 2015

Date posted: 16.12.2015

The Vietnam Customs Statistics announced that in the first half (01-15/11/2015) of  November-2015, Vietnam’s total exports of  US dollars 6.49 billion and imports  of  US dollars 6.77 billion resulted in a trade deficit of US dollars 273 million. Accordingly, the total value of export and import turnover of Vietnam in the first half of November was US dollars 13.26 billion, drop by 12.1%  as compared to the second half of October-2015.


Vietnam‘s trade-in-goods from January to the first half of November of 2015 totaled US dollars 285.6 billion in value terms. It posted a growth of 10.6%  from the same period of  previous year. In which, the total merchandise export value was up 8.1% to US dollars 140.87 billion and the total merchandise imports value was up 13.2%, to US dollars 144.73 billion.


In the view of Foreign Direct Invested (FDI) traders, the value of exportation and importation in the first half of November reached USD 4.54 billion and USD 4.01 billion respectively.




When compared with the second half of October-2015, export of  first half of November decreased by 16.2%, mostly as a result of the decline registered in following products: textiles and garments (down by USD 254 million); computer, electrical products and parts thereof (down by USD 109 million); telephone, mobile phone and part thereof (down by USD 88 million);  fishery products (down by USD 80 million); wood and wooden products (down by USD 57 million); …



 In the first half of November 2015, import decreased by 7.7% when compared with second half of October, mainly reflecting the shrunk of  telephone, mobile phone and part thereof (down by USD 157 million); other means of transportation (down by USD 86 million); petroleum products (down by USD 86 million); fabrics (down by USD 65 million); machine, equipment, tools and instruments (down by USD 56 million)…